Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Sunday Natter: knowing your worth as a blogger

If one thing's for certain, we now live in a world where blogging has changed the way the media reach out. What almost always starts off as a small hobby, a place to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences now has the possibility of transforming into a lifelong global influence. This ever growing industry crave new and upcoming blogs with individual and creative content bursting to be set free and placed upon your own personal space which is why no matter how big or small, whether you're a beginner or an expert, we're all just as important.

Whether we like it or not (I'm half and half about the technology taking over real life subject), we now live in an internet based society. In this day and age, blogs and YouTube channels are appearing faster than you can count which means it's easy to compare yourself (positively and negatively) to each and every profile you reach. It's extremely necessary to point out how your unique work, your motivation to keep going, every photo taken and word written is something you should be proud of. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, that today's Sunday natter is all about realising how your sideline made purely from effort, passion and love is relevant to everyone in the field of the community. 

On the outskirts of blogging are the people who tend to judge what you do. Don't ever let someone's (mostly wrong) impressions stop you from setting yourself a goal. Yes, there's the minority who start a blog for any old unrelated freebies and abuse the definition of blogging but for others, it's about wanting to build an audience, connecting with your readers, getting some bonus benefits out of what you enjoy and even providing some helpful information and awareness for others. Blogging is an amazing platform. PR's and brands are slowly but surely noticing how much of an authority it can have and are approaching bloggers frequently. Gone are the days we automatically turn to the magazines and papers for inspiration - hello to the relying on bloggers to provide trustworthy opinions and to influence the trade. To now potentially have the access to a successful career in the fashion, beauty, food, film, music (and so on) industry from a website you've gradually built up is insane. I don't think people realise just how much hard work and care it takes to provide quality. It's not just an 'attention seeking' selfie, a quick snap of a new makeup piece or a day spent trying on and switching up clothes. If someone has no experience in the business then I don't think it's their place to comment. I'm no way in a professional position but I do know it's okay to want your accomplishments to be noticed and recognised.

It's quite easy to get caught up in the competitive side of making a name for yourself too but I think as long as you stick to your niche and the topics you love to express, then you will stay firmly on the ground. Confidence shines through when a true piece of you is submitted. Whether that be a wishlist, a review, an incision into your own life, a newly displayed dress or a recipe. What you compose is making a difference. People are leaving the answer to their questions in your hands. Blogging is the social future. Carry on doing what you're doing because you're doing a great job!

Do you feel the same way? This series of posts was made for you lovely lot to give your opinions so I'd love to hear your side!

Bridie x


  1. I love reading blog posts like this. I'm a strong believer in do what makes you happy and this should apply to blogging. You should post what you love talking about and not feel pressured by others or potential businesses in talking about this products if you don't want to x

  2. I just started blogging, so this was a real eye opener for me :). I can definitely see where competitiveness comes from, I often feel like some individuals are trying to shove their blog down my throat, and as much as I enjoy clicking on all the links my readers leave, and spending well over an hour indulging in their posts, I also don't want to feel forced.

    I have to say there have many days so far where I have woken up with numerous emails, tweets and comments on my blog that have made me smile. It's incredible how one person can turn your day around, especially since blogging seemed scary to me at first. Believe it or not I still haven't told anyone about my blog, mostly because I'm not quite sure how to go about it... My mum and my boyfriend know, but that's because I spent a while talking it over with them... I'm scared to let people from my town know however, because well they aren't quite as nice as the people online!

    I certainly hope my blog brings opportunities, but I'm not bothered if it doesn't. I have enjoyed every moment of it so far, especially having conversations with people who blog as well as me. It's great that there are so many people interested in it, and lots of posts to suggest blogging tips (which is always a treat). It's basically a diary of thoughts that the world can see x

  3. Definitely agree with this, bloggers are definitely becoming more prominent in the media and in society in general! I love my blog and I'm so glad I started it! // UK Fashion Blog


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