Sunday, 30 November 2014

What I wore: naturals and nudes

Top - Topshop | Skirt - Primark | Boots - H&M | Hat - Primark

Today I braved the 'no coat look' which for the end of November is pretty spectacular. To be fair, it wasn't that bad (despite how angry the grey cloud behind me looks) I was chilly but I just couldn't find an over garment in my wardrobe that would pair with my outfit (oh, those winter problems) so I went without. I love wearing natural and nude toned clothing, especially my beloved camel colours. I think it always manages to make you look fresh and chic without you actually trying. When I purchased these beautiful H&M boots I knew exactly how I was going to style them. This is the first time I've worn my favourite Primark buy to date (doesn't this skirt look so much more expensive than it was?) and paired with a clean white roll neck oversized blouse completes the look I was aiming for.

How has everyone's weekend been? Did you manage to grab many bargains in the Black Friday sales? I might have bought a little too much. I kind of go crazy when there's 20%+ discount codes, it persuades me to buy things I don't even need which I suppose is the aim of the game so well done merchants, you win. On the brighter side, I managed to get the last of the Christmas presents which are all ready to be finished off wrapping. With it being December I think it's acceptable to be in the festive spirit now. I just have no idea where this year has gone, one minute I was welcoming in the new year and now I'm saying goodbye to it. Time goes too fast for my liking!

Bridie x


  1. Love this top, and your make up looks incredible too.

  2. That hat is so fab!!! Love the look xxx - UK Personal Style Blog

  3. Love this simple outfit, I wouldn't think of teaming that top with the skirt but they work really well together

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  4. love that hat! in desperate need of one myself !! x x

  5. You are GORGEOUS! I love your boots and hat. So happy I found your blog (from the #fblchat) Can't wait to see more of your future posts! :)


  6. Great look, loving all the neutral shades!


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