Saturday, 8 November 2014

What I wore: houndstooth, oversized shirts and camel coat

Oversized Shirt - Topshop via eBay | Shorts - River Island | Coat - Primark | Boots - Forever 21 | Hat - H&M

Houndstooth/dogtooth print has always been a favourite of mine. It always reminds me of the sixties fashion which consequently is another one of my loves. I'm so glad it's back on trend this year because I can just never have too much monochrome in my wardrobe (my overcrowded wardrobe may think differently though of course!). Oversized shirts are another new addition to my collection of top half items. They're so easy to style and are ideal for tucking into high waisted garments. I grabbed this Topshop bargain on eBay, same with the coat. I'd been wanting this gorgeous light beige, camel coloured boyfriend coat for agesssss but it seemed to be out of stock in every Primark and showed no visible signs of returning so of course, naturally, I resulted to good ol' eBay. 

It's definitely coat season now, and illness season isn't far behind. I've been sprouting an irritating cough all week now and it's left me feeling so drained. I managed to get outside and take a few outfit photos at the beginning of the week but the coldness and the all day darkness is really starting to off put and demotivate me at the moment (hopefully I'll pick myself up soon). It's not all bad though, as this weeks schedule also included two fabulous hometown blogger events of which I will be telling you all about very soon. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



  1. I love the shorts! There so cute :)

  2. Those shorts are gorgeous! Fab styling xx

  3. this outfit is stunning!! Love the shorts!!

  4. Absolutely love those shorts! The coat is gorgeous too!

    Claire, Style Affinity


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