Sunday, 19 October 2014

What I wore: grid print trousers

Top - Boohoo | Fur Gilet - Primark | Trousers - Primark | Boots - Forever 21 | Bag - Primark | Hat - H&M

I'm aware I look like I'm about to kill someone here and for that I apologise. I'm still trying to master the range of acceptable blogging faces (and it's certainly not these). Anyhow, these trousers are the best things in my wardrobe at the moment and would you believe they're only Primark? They're so versatile and can be teamed up with almost anything. Not to mention, they fit me just right; everyone who knows me will know I struggle to find trousers that are in proportion with my waist and hips but these are perfect. 

I'm also loving how it's now justifiable to bring out the faux fur, and the bigger and snugger, the better! Gilet's are such a great throw on item when you want to insulate the warmth but don't fancy being cooped up with a coat. I could so cope with winter if it stayed as mild and 'chilly in the evening but not teeth chattering chilly' all through like it currently is. The only problem is, the nights are drawing in earlier and there's no more quick 6pm last minute outfit photo snaps. Indoor locations, I'm on the hunt to find you! Either that or I'll just try and find the time in the afternoon...



  1. I've literally been looking for trousers like these everywhere, in Topshop they're £40 so i'm sure Primark will be a lot more of a nicer price for myself ahah. Lovely outfit :) x

  2. Wauw I love it! You look stunning. I've put your blog in an article about my favourite British bloggers a few days ago, thought it would be nice to let you know :) xx


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