Monday, 11 August 2014

A new beginning

Hello my dearest followers! If you're wondering who the hell this new kid is on your reading list, don't panic! You may or may not have realised that I've had a small change on my blog and have decided to revamp my space and transform it into something fresh. I think currently, Oh So Bridie didn't feel right anymore. I just wasn't digging the name anymore and fancied creating something a little more catchy. After two full days (I'm not joking!) of pondering over slogans, quotes and anything else I could mash my brain with, I finally came up with 'Upon My Sleeve'. I settled for this purely because it had a ring to it and it fits in with the theme of my blog. A "sleeve" being a clever way to relate to fashion, and the entire saying 'Upon My Sleeve' meaning it's coming straight from the horse's mouth. My words are always my own and they roll off the tongue when making a note of my most loved things. Of course, with a new name, comes a reborn design. I've not rejuvenated it too much and have kept to the same layout but I feel as though it's now more simplistic and readable. After a few days of making sure everything now links to my new URL, it's finally up and ready. I just have to figure out how to transfer my Bloglovin' followers to my new blog name without losing any traffic, which if I'm correct, I think means contacting Bloglovin' directly. I hope everything is working fine and I hope you're still able to see this on your feed. It sucks being a non-tech savvy individual at times!



  1. I saw your post fine, it just appeared on my Bloglovin' feed no problem, like it always does. Upon My Sleeve is a great name! :) xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

    1. I'm glad it did! Bloglovin' were quick responding to the changes that were made so all is sorted now :) thank you very much xx


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