Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Blogger Challenge: my summer bucket list

This weeks #summerbloggerchallenge is focused entirely on your very own summer bucket list. I never really think that much into summer as it tends to end up like every other season. It is generally thought of as being a whole load of fun, adventure and cheeriness which is the case for some lucky folk out there but for me, I end up being stuck doing the same old things, being bored, and not having even the smallest, uplifting change to my mood. The typical summer that is publicized throughout unrealistic expectations like movies and magazines is never going to happen in my eyes but once I got started on thinking about what I'd like to and have always wanted to do when the sun is shining, I became inspired. I think it's important to make the most of the memories you're able to create. As I went through each one, noting these goals and aspirations in my mind, it suddenly dawned on me that maybe I should get up and appreciate nature, step out of my comfort zone and realise how much potential to be happy there is in the world. 

Below are the 20 summer ambitions I hope I can stick to:

1) Go on a road trip.

2) Give back to others.

3) Have a classic picnic.

4) Take a walk in the park.

5) Watch the sun go down.

6) Discover new music artists.

7) Mix up my style.

8) Embrace the relaxation summer holidays give.

9) Explore the hidden, adventurous places in my city.

10) Find and read an engaging book.

11) Make a scrapbook of the daily positives to remind me of every little detail I have to smile about.

12) Spend more time and effort taking photos.

13) Take a trip to the seaside.

14) Make a fruit smoothie.

15) Visit a market.

16) Visit a cute cafe with macaroons and teacups.

17) Take a swim in the ocean and write my name in the sand.

18) Put a secret into a balloon and let it go.

19) Have a family barbecue.

20) Make something I've never made before.

Do you have any exciting summer plans? Talking of summer plans, I'm in the process of going through my photos from London which will be posted on my blog very soon. I had such a great time and it was the loveliest way to spend my 21st birthday, despite how manic it was and despite not getting to see everything (I sensed that was pretty much impossible to do once arriving in London and realising how huge it was).



  1. I have a similar list of summer things to do!

  2. Oh wow, I've made a similar list too :) You've got some great things on here- I LOVE the balloon idea xx


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