Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter - my Easter nails

Happy Easter, guys! I know it officially started on Friday but as today is Easter Sunday I thought it'd be the best time to share my own Easter nail design with you. Once again, it's not perfect nor professional but I just fancied treating my nails to an overload of cuteness and painting them with that spring feeling. If you haven't guessed already, I have a bunny and a chick on my middle fingers, where as the rest are a sparkly, nude colour to represent a pretty egg. I did want to purchase and try out the Models Own Speckled Eggs Dove Pink nail varnish which would have been ideal to use as the main polish but it seemed my local Boots' stores didn't stock it and it'd sold out EVERYWHERE so my trusty Barry M Gelly's in Rose Hip and Huckleberry did the trick, along with the Barry M Sequin Nail Effect (although it isn't my favourite due to the bumpiness and clumpy texture it leaves). The added flowers and the mini eggs that I very guiltily devoured completed the perfect picture of a bright and happy day which doesn't really fit the reality of today but it's the image you create in your head that matters. Easter makes me want to skip through a field of flowers with bunnies hopping behind me but it also makes me want to eat my body weight in Easter eggs you're never too old for which at this point, is my cue to leave and indulge.

Hope you all enjoy your bank holiday, whether you're doing something special or just sitting at home being greedy, like I am!


  1. This is amazing! I'm so bad at nail art x

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