Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas jumpers - my top 20

It's gotten to that time of year where everybody's germ riddled, you see your breath in the coldness, it feels like every minute of the day is night time, and most of all, the CHRISTMAS countdown, everywhere you turn. The tear jerking adverts are publicised, the local decorations are displayed, the lights are switched on, the shops are packed with your favourite stocking fillers, the songs are now acceptable to listen to and the hunt for that one suited Christmas jumper for the fun filled day ahead on the 25th is on. 

For me, Christmas was always better as a kid. Leaving the biscuits, carrots, the glass of the milk and wine out before you get made to go to bed before you burst with excitement, waking your parents up at 7am and prodding them until they give in to going downstairs and then creeping down the stairs and peeking round the door to see if Santa had been were memories you can always look back on and smile about. Every year I turn more into a bah humbug which makes me feel 10 times older than I actually am but as I get older, the stress and hassle and family disagreements about who's doing what becomes less and less appealing. It's only a few days before when the Christmas films and the last of wrapping the presents starts that my inner child starts to spark with anticipation. This year in particular, I've been searching for the perfect jumper which ticks all the boxes and springs out the novelty of what Christmas is all about. I haven't had much trouble finding it and in fact am stuck for choice at the variety that is available. I've been browsing the shops and online and have narrowed it down to my favourite 20 which covers both cute and comical. All that's left now is for me to decide which one is the one... enjoy!




  1. I love the fourth one, it's adorable! Loving the Christmas tree one from New Look as well.

  2. i love three and eleven! These are all so cute :)x

  3. Oh how cutttttttttttttte is that Polar Bear one?! I want it haha! I love all of them actually xx

    Gemma //

  4. These are all so adorable! I honestly can't decide which is my favourite- it's safe to say that a few of these have definitely worked their way on to my want list! xo


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