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Friday, 10 March 2017

Guest Post: Jewellery Trends of 2017

Are you a jewellery lover? Do you find yourself hovering over to the finery section when you're out shopping or thinking about the latest piece of bling to enhance an outfit opposed to the clothing itself? Then you'll love today's post kindly written by the lovely Beth.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Highlighters To Achieve That Radiant Winter Glow

There's nothing, and I mean nothing, I love more than a sun kissed, healthy glow amid a season where gloom is focal and natural lustre is all but a sidelined peripheral. During the winter days the lack of lighting can feel like a misfortune but it doesn't mean your face has to suffer. For what is missing from the outdoors, you can compensate for in illuminating makeup products because let's be real, when does makeup ever not solve a problem? (Apart from the dreaded 'sorry, we're sold out, sign up to receive an email when it's back in stock' notice that only adds to the mess, of course.)

My collection consists of many different products (because apparently I like to achieve the highest standard of rosy and golden as possible) but I managed to haul through my stash to pick out my favourites - in the range of powders, liquids and even a mix of both to brighten up any grey day. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ten Reasons Not To Give Up On Love This Valentine's Day

Red alert: this is me not being a cynic for the first time in erm... 23 years? When the 14th February comes around I'm usually turning my nose up at all the commercialised gifts and lovey dovey mush shoved in my face wherever I turn but I guess as you surround yourself with new situations, attitudes can change and you can just about handle the sentiment of overpriced red roses, meal deals for two and the mad rush to please your loved one on what is actually just a normal day. I'm not saying I'm pro Valentine's just yet but what am I saying is I'm pro love; you don't have to allow a date on the calendar, bad luck with modern dating apps or a shitty ex who's dampened your spirit be the reason you're devaluing yourself and giving up on the world head first in a pack of chocolate not that I object that and a collection of Kleenex to wipe those tears away. 

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