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Thursday, 21 September 2017

I'm Choosing To Smile

It's not always easy to radiate positivity, especially when your mental health is defying the often overbearing, enthusiastic life quotes on the internet. There's factors in the world that make it almost impossible to smile; you can wake up and feel that impending doom of the day ahead, something or someone can upset you or offend you and a downhearted mood can creep upon you. You can have the worst luck in the world, experience problems with a task you were determined to complete, be rejected, fight with a loved one, or switch on the news.  You can feel as though there's no hope nor reason to think optimistically but then an occasion or a person may prove you wrong. You can participate in your favourite pastime and feel the happiness building or bubbling. Or simply, like me, despite every concept being considered, you absolutely do not smile even when you're on a high, because the reflection staring back at you as you smile with your teeth makes you scowl with disgust. 


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tune In, Switch Off, & Relax with Joy

Joy - a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. That's what the dictionary defines but it also deemed true in actuality, on a crisp Wednesday evening in Leeds city centre a few weeks back. I remember paying numerous visits to the old Joy store in The Light back when I was a teen; the quirky tea dresses and the tongue-in-cheek gifts being right up my street - and with a timely tour of the modern version I discovered nothing has changed since it moved over to their bigger and better Northern flagship store. The brand has kept its signature niche of glamour and edgy clothing tailored to suit playful personalities (think vintage style Cath Kidson meets Urban Outfitters) and quite frankly, with all its glory, it is just a great big bubble of joy.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

New Dessert House On The Block: Kaspa's Leeds

If you tend to lose all sense of control around sweet treats, then I'd find the nearest comfortable place to pop yourself down on to gather some composure before I continue, because there's a new haven in town and it's about to take the Leeds' restaurant scene by storm! Not that you can pick up a three course Italian here, of course, but it's about the equivalent in pudding form - an actual eatery dedicated to all your favourite after indulgences. Gelato and waffles being their speciality but catering for all your candied needs in one pink paradise.

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