Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Holiday Lookbook: The Nighttime Glam

Welcome to my first instalment of my holiday lookbook! After another tough week battling through a heavy schedule and an unfortunate deterioration in pain levels, I finally managed to sort through the most important chapter of my holiday - and that would be my outfits.  If you were interacting over on my instagram whilst I was away you'll have more than likely seen a sneak peek of most of my outfits but I also like to showcase them over on my blogging platform for you all to see! For me, planning, preparing, then eventually wearing your new clobber is one of the most exciting parts about heading off on vacay - albeit there's some unavoidable creases and accidental shampoo spillages on the way there, and there's the issue of humidity attempting to creep in and replace stylish with sweaty mess once worn but I still love the refreshing feeling and the confidence gained when you dash out for an evening of food, cocktails and a gearing up for the guaranteed "why is she so dressed up in a quiet rural part of Spain" stares. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer Beauty Saviours

Did you survive the heatwave? Yes? Good. It's hard work dealing with temperatures past a certain point isn't it - especially when that point is sitting out in the garden at 10pm because the brisk of air is cooler than your front room with all the windows open and a house representing Bug's Life. When it's hot in Britain, it's hard to handle so imagine how parched your skin gets in its daily exposure to sun (okay, what I really mean is when you're on holiday or enjoying the three days of warm weather at home). 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Personal: things that made me happy in June

Hey hey, I'm back - well technically I flew home late at night a week today but haven't been able to get my blogging butt back into gear until a fresh Monday emerged. Partly because last week was a hectic but momentously brilliant week and the other half because I seem to always be lumbered with this post holiday dispirit where all I want to do is try my best to adjust to the below average temperature, sleep and eagerly observe my tanned skin to silently pray it stays put in this so called British weather (although with this supposed heatwave bracing, it seems I did in fact bring the sunshine home). I enjoyed my well needed break (probably too much if I'm honest) but am feeling all kinds of motivated to get back on track. With plenty of posts to plan for my upcoming blog schedule, some of which features around my most cherished time in the luxurious sunshine and some of which were photographed beforehand - what better time was there to mark down my monthly happiness? Especially when there's so much sadness in the world as of lately. These posts almost always start with my shock of how the year seems to be flying by but this time round I feel like I've been gone an entire full year when in reality it's only three weeks. As most of June was spent vacay prepping it didn't leave me much head space to extensively think about the highlights but as they say, it's always best to act on impulse... 


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Taking A Break

Hello my lovely blog readers! Just passing by to leave a little message as I try and mute myself from breaking out into song about going on summer holidays whilst scampering around like a mad woman gathering together my last bits and bobs and resisting the urge to just fall back asleep after staying up way later than I should have done last night (ahem, Adele's spectacular performance at Glastonbury, it's your fault). Today's the day I fly off to my place of bliss (or Spain for those who are unfamiliar with the boasting of my favourite acquainted location) and I'm signing off from the blog for two weeks. I know there's so many bloggers out there who are on board with the scheduling of posts whilst they're away but I'm in the minority who actually likes to just shut off the world and forget about any blog-related promotion and preparation whilst I enjoy my time away stress and burden-free. I'll be a ghostly representation of a tumbleweed as I go M.I.A on my site but it doesn't mean I'll be completely absent from social media. I'll be updating Instagram and Twitter with my regular holiday outings, adventures and of course, my signature outfit displays.

For now, though, don't forget whilst I'm gone my giveaway is still open and if you like, you can have a catch up on all my latest posts this month (I'm sorry I never got the chance to reply to comments before I headed off, I've had a crazy busy schedule but I promise I always read, appreciate and smile until I'm flushed in the cheeks at every single one).

Adios, and see you when I resentfully fly back on home ground!

Bridie x

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